There is a word – resonance… the quality in a sound of being deep, full and reverberating.

There is another word – rapport…  harmonious mutual understanding.

Harmonious.  Mutual.  Reverberating. Deep. Full.

I have a college friend with whom I still cross paths.  We went from being college friends, to Christmas card connectors, to email pals, to Facebook “friends”.  We saw each other recently over a long week-end at a weddings for another college friend – forty years after our graduation.   It was like we never parted.  It is always like that.

People asked me “How do you and Elliott know each other…  what is your story?”  Are you…  together?  Are you…  related?  Are you …  “exes”?  You seem so…  compatible, connected, comfortable.

I fumbled for the answer.  I searched for the words.  I tried to express the sentiment.  Today, I decided to write it down.

I have known Elliott before.  Our souls have crossed paths in other lifetimes, on other planes.  Perhaps we have been parent and child, teacher and student, cat and mouse….  Perhaps we have been neighbors or comrades.  If you insist, then perhaps we have been lovers.  In this lifetime, on this planet, we are simply spiritual beings having a human experience while holding the other in constant regard.  We have rapport. We resonate.  However distant or far apart.

I hold for Elliott an abiding love. This love expresses as deep and mutual understanding.  It does not come with assumption or expectation.  It does not require examination or explanation.

Oftentimes, a single word or a short phrase is enough between the two of us… little more is necessary to create understanding.  In a crowded room, while others are turning cartwheels across the floor, all I need to do is look over at Elliott who will give me a nod.  That look and that nod can represent a complete conversation between us.  It is enough.  No cartwheels for us.

My only regret is that my conscious mind can’t remember all the fun we must have had in those other lifetimes.  And, if or when we meet again, I likely won’t remember all the fun we’ve had in this lifetime. But my rapport with Elliott is imprinted on my soul and in my sub-conscious.  That I know for certain.

I suppose people will continue to notice that we are… compatible, connected, comfortable.  Well, yes… that’s because we reverberate along the same wavelength.  We are a living expression of a natural resonance in its most literal sense.

It’s really that simple – a resonance.  No explanations required.  No assumptions allowed.


Addendum:   Since writing this missive, it has occurred to me that, with this lifetime, Elliott and I may be resolved.  Our karma may have exhausted itself…  sated and whole.  There is love but there is no need.  I wonder if we are now complete or if there is even such a thing for time-traveling souls.  And, if not, only joy can come from our continued resonance.

Author: Melanie

Urban wishing I were urbane. Quick to smile; slow to laugh. Funny if you listen carefully.

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